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Are you a female English learner?

Bringing high-quality, accessible and affordable education to women worldwide


Are you a female who:

Do you find it hard to communicate in English with confidence?

Do you start to feel anxious when you start speaking to others?

Have been studying English for a while and you're not seeing an improvement?

Introducing Speaking Cup...

Speaking Cup was born out of a simple idea: bringing high-quality, accessible and affordable education to women worldwide.


  • Practise Speaking English in a female-only community

  • Practise speaking without stopping 

  • Become more confident 

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Join the club! 

Our community is filled with dedicated, helpful, motivated, and supportive students who build their confidence and learn the beautiful language. Join today.

  • Best Value

    Speaking Cup

    Every month
    Practise English. Build your confidence. Make friends.
     14 day free trial
    • Weekly English lessons
    • Female ONY Membership
    • Worksheets
You once told me that I should join the academy because it would change my life. Now that I've been there for two months I can say you were right.

Júlia - Brazil

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