Booking a Flight - Summer English Course (2)


Let’s continue learning about travel. My goal is to help you sound amazing when you speak about travel in English.

The second lesson in the course will help you learn how to book a flight in English.

As usual I like it when my students take action. I’m here to teach and you’re here to take action.

Here’s What I want you to do:

Practise makes perfect

Practise makes perfect

  1. Take a look at the previous lesson

  2. Watch the new lesson and take notes

  3. Record yourself using the new words

  4. Record a video and talk about the last time you booked a flight. Which airline did you choose? Did you have any problems? Was it expensive or cheap?

Watch the lesson below and start learning vocabulary. Below the video there’s a worksheet that will help you with revision. Click to download.


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