5 phrases to Express your Love for someone

Are you bored of saying the same phrases to the person you love? "I love you" Can be a little boring after the millionth time. So why not learn more exciting ways to tell someone how much they mean to you? I'm going show you five authentic English phrases you can use straight away. Sound good? Let's start. 


1. a match made in heaven 

Person A. Honey, we are a match made in heaven.  

Person B. Aww. That's so sweet of you. I completely agree.  

Meaning: a couple that's very well suited to each other. 


2. To fall head over heels (in love)

Person A. Darling, I'm head over heals in love with you. 

Person B. And I feel the same about you darling. 

Meaning: completely in love with someone


 3. Fall in love 

Person A. Sweetheart, I have something I want to say to you. You are the best person I know, and I have fallen in love with you.  

Person B. I don't know what to tell you. This is very unexpected. You're a great guy, but I don't feel the same way.

Meaning: to start having romantic feelings for someone


4. To be a soul mate

Person A: I could tell he was my soul mate as soon as I met my husband.

Person B: I don't believe in soul mates.

Meaning: someone with whom you share a close friendship and deep personal understanding (Oxford Dictionary)

5. To be someone's one and only

Person A: He's my one and only. There's no one like him.

Person B: I'm glad you feel that way about your husband.

Meaning:  (adjective) incomparable; unique - (as a noun) the object of all one's love (Collin's dictionary) 

Remember to jot down (write down) new vocabulary and use it as much as you can. Thanks and see you next time.