Learn BRITISH English with Doctor Who


Do you Netflix and learn English? Well, today I have a British series to help take your English to the next level. Doctor Who.

You’re probably thinking, what’s the catch and why haven’t I heard about it before? Well, it’s not as popular around the world, but it’s popular in the UK.

Alright, there is one catch. It’s sci-fi. It involves a time machine which goes back in time and into the future. It involves aliens and other creatures. I hope I haven’t lost you because If you give it a chance, you will fall in love and be obsessed with the way I am. Promise me that you’ll watch at least one season.

The reason I’m encouraging you to watch is that It’s probably the best show I’ve seen for learning English.

It has a variety of different British Dialects that will help you understand British English a lot better. It also includes British humour and packed with British slang and culture.

Here’s What I want you to do

  1. Find the show on Netflix

  2. take a picture of you watching the show

  3. Post in the comments here.

  4. And I might share it on social media :)

Watch the lesson below and listen to why I love Doctor who.


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