Grammar vs Vocabulary


If you're reading this, I am happy you're here. Here is my first post, and I'm hoping I don't bore you to death. So let's begin. Grammar and vocabulary will go head to head today in this post. Which one do you think you need to be able to communicate in English? Well, let's do an experiment, and you can test for yourself. 

Be new in job not easy. 

Being recent in operation is not light. 

Look at the two sentences. Which one is easier to understand? I've taken the grammar out of the first sentence and changed the vocabulary in the second sentence. I want you to see that with the right vocabulary you can still understand the sentence. However, with the correct grammar, it's difficult to comprehend the message. Cool right? So does that mean you forget grammar? Nope! Grammar is important for accuracy. However, don't make it your entire focus! Try to concentrate more on building your vocabulary. 

In the next post, I will write about which steps you should take! See you next time!