What's the right way to study English?

Today i'm going to help you study English the right way.

Set goals

What would you like to achieve in one year? Take that goal and make it small. I mean tiny. For example, I'll study for 30 minutes a day. I want to focus on listening, speaking, vocabulary etc. :)


Accountability = checking on yourself

Choose a day and check your progress. Did you achieve your goal? How much studying did you do? Another way to do this is testing yourself. How many words can you remember?


Many students ask me "Teacher, how long do I need to study English for? How long you study English isn't important and my answer to that is always "Be Consistent". Consistency means "always acting or behaving in the same way" (Merriam-Webster Learners Dictionary). What does that mean for you as a student? First, ask yourself "How long am I  willing to study? Don't lie to yourself and be too ambitious. Set a realistic time. Try to study for 45 minutes or under. Moreover, it's a good idea to study at the same time every day. These are a few things you need to focus on while you're studying.      


Make sure there are no distractions. Dedicate the entire time to studying. This means turn off social media and anything that can distract you. 

Make it enjoyable  

Watch your favourite movie/series with a purpose. Set a task for yourself. I'll watch the movie then write a summary. I'll watch the movie then write down eight new words. I'll watch the series and write down questions. 

The park, Starbucks, or the living room?

Try to change up where you study. Make a list of places you like and go there. It will keep you motivated and help you avoid distractions. 

See what works for you and do it. By experimenting with different things, it will allow you to have a better learning experience. 

Study english