Seven Common Writing Mistakes

Do you hate writing? Well, let me help you hate it a little less today with the following writing tips.


1. articles

Sometimes English does not use articles. If you are talking about all members of a group, you do not use an article.



  • The cats are my favourite animals. (incorrect)

  • Cats are my favourite animals. (correct)




2. Verbs (am/is/are) 

English sentences always have verbs. 

  • He my friend. (incorrect)

  • He is my friend. (correct)



3. Word order

Word order in English usually does not change. 

  • On Monday, in the garden a dog I saw. (incorrect)

  • I saw a dog in the garden on Monday. (correct)


4. Everyone

'Everyone' is singular in English. 

  • I hope everyone are here. (incorrect)

  • I hope everyone is here. (correct)



5. Do

English uses do when a sentence is negative. 

  • I no see her. (incorrect)

  • I do not see her. (correct)



6. It

English uses it to give short answers to a question about an item. 

  • Do you like chocolate? Yes, I like. (incorrect)

  • Do you like chocolate? Yes, I like it. (correct)



7. Feelings -ed? or -Ing?

Words to describe people’s feelings end in -ed, not -ing. 

  • I am boring. (incorrect)

  • I am bored. (correct)


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