5 Ways to Master your English vocabulary

Everyone learns language differently. You have to learn What's right for you. In today's lesson, you'll learn few tips on how to enhance how you learn new vocabulary.

1. Learn in context

Learn to understand vocabulary in context. Watch movies, listen to music, read books. You'll find useful words used in context. When you hear a new word/phrase, try to understand it without checking the dictionary then check the meaning in the dictionary.

2. Practise using new vocabulary

Practise new vocabulary by writing sentences using topics related to your everyday activities. It will help you remember new words.

3. How to record vocabulary

Leave enough space in your notebook so you can add more vocabulary later. Remember to add synonyms and antonyms.

4. Choose the right topic

Choose topics that interest you. Then focus on those topics. You'll find this helps you remember a lot more.

5. Recycle and reuse vocabulary

Don't forget about old words. Keep going back to older vocabulary and keep reusing them.

Watch the following video for more tips in the following video: