6 Ways to use the Phrasal Verb 'get off'

Phrasal verbs are a great way to make you sound natural when you're speaking English.

Today, we're going to focus on phrasal verbs with multiple meanings.

Phrasal verbs with multiple meanings are the best! Why? Well, you get to kill a few birds with one stone. How great is that? Think about it. Imagine learning one phrasal verb and being able to use it in many different ways. It's like a superhero with more than one power. So instead of hating it, love it, my friend.

So let's get started. I am going to show you six different ways to use the phrasal verb 'get off'. Before you check the meaning, read the sentence and try to understand it on your own.

1. get off

E.g. I went into the room and sat on top of the office table. My friend came in and told me to get off the table. He thought it was unprofessional.

Meaning: removing something or oneself from somewhere.

2. get off

E.g. Teacher: I hope you understand that phrasal verbs with multiple meanings help you... Yes, Briijjete. What is it? Student: Teacher, I don’t like how you draw on the board. Teacher: Brigette, can we get off that subject and get back to phrasal verbs?

Meaning: change the subject.

3. get off

E.g. Tsagan: He’s not getting off easy for killing that child. Evgeniya: It was an accident. His lawyer said he would get off with community service.

Meaning: If someone commits a crime and they don’t get punished, or their punishment is small.

4. get off

E.g. What time do you get off work? I get off at 5 PM?

Meaning: leave work

Please get off the bus when you reach the school.

Meaning: to get off a public transportation - like a bus, train, plane etc.

5. get off

Can you get off your phone? We are having dinner.

Meaning: to stop using an electronic device such as a phone, laptop, computer, iPad.

6. get off

E.g. Get off me! Why do you always touch my shoulder?

Meaning: stop touching someone or something

Well, there you go. One phrasal verb and six ways to use it.

Now, I want you to take notes and write at least three sentences using 'get off' in the comments.