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At the optician | English lesson | Elementary level

Hello, Fearless Learners! Today we are at the optician, which means we're going to be learning sentences, phrases, and vocabulary related to when you are going to the optician and want to be able to communicate in a fantastic and confident way.

Do you offer free eye test?

So, the first thing I've written on the board is "Do you offer free eye tests?" The reason you'd ask this question is because sometimes certain people can get free eye tests if you are over a certain age, if you're not working, or if you're on benefits. So, ask away and ask this question.

I would like an eye test please

The next one is "I'd or I would." I would say "I would like an eye test please." I honestly think that if you want to become a better communicator, it is better to use your words as they are. I'm trying my best not to say things like "I'm gonna," "I'm," or "I would have." I'm trying to avoid contractions because I think you communicate better when you use words in their full form. That's just my opinion, though. Remember, you can use both, and that's why I'm showing you both on the screen right now. So, you can say "I'd" (many people do) or you can say "I would" (the choice is yours).

Why do you need an eye test?

The next thing they could ask you when you're sitting down is "why do you want an eye test", so lots of people say "maybe I have a headache", they tell the doctor the symptoms. Now the symptoms can be different things like they could say things like "I can't see very well" or "my child can't see the board in school so she has to sit right in front of the teacher". There could be lots of reasons why you want to have an eye test, but one of the reasons I've written here is "My eyesight is getting worse."

I need new glasses

The next thing is "I need a new pair of glasses." Or, you could say "I need a pair of reading glasses." The next thing is "How much are these designer frames?" "Designer" means it could be a well-known name like Dior or Gucci. I usually don't go for designer frames because they cost too much and break the bank for me. So, I'd rather spend money on an affordable pair of glasses. You could ask the person in the store to show you the designer frames or the most affordable glasses frames in the store.


So there you go! I hope that was useful. Now I have a question for you: do you wear glasses? Let me know in the chat. I recently bought some glasses, and I thought this would be a great lesson for you guys to learn. I hope you found it useful. If you like this lesson, please share it with your friends and remember to subscribe for more lessons like this. Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you next time. Bye for now."


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