Shopping vocabulary in English

In this lesson, I'm going to teach how to speak about shopping in English. When you go shopping in an English speaking country, one of the first things you do is buy something from the store. In this English lesson, I am going to teach you what you the English vocabulary you need to speak about shopping. You will learn Idioms, collocations, phrases and sentences in English.

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Hi, welcome back learners. I'm Halima from Blackboard English and today we're going to be looking at phrasal verbs, collocations phrases, all to do with shopping. Before we begin, I'd like to tell you about my Facebook group. I have a Facebook group with learners just like you who want to learn English. We have discussions on there. I even have live lessons every week. So if you're interested, head over there now it's called Blackboard English students, I will put a link in the description below. I also have a website full of my English lessons all free, so head there as soon as you're done with this lesson.

First, we're going to look at a phrasal verb to shop around, to shop around. Listen to this sentence and try to understand what it means. I want to buy a new phone and I know there's a store near me that sells this phone, but I'm going to shop around to find the best deal. So what do you think it means? So to shop around means when you look for something in more than one place. Now let's look at an Idiom, to shop till you drop or to shop until you drop. What does this mean? I just got paid and I'm going to shop until I drop. What does it mean? Try to guess and write it in the comments below. So to shop until you drop means to do shopping until you can't anymore until you finish your money or until you get really tired to shop until you drop. shop till you drop.

Okay, so the next one, window shopping. Window shopping is when you just looking around, and you're not really buying anything. So you're just looking at the display reading. Now let's look at some sentences that might be useful when you're going shopping. So you're at a clothing store, and you go inside and the shop assistant asked you if you need any help. You can say no thank you, I'm just browsing. I'm just browsing means you're just looking around. So you're not you don't need any help. You're just looking.

The next thing is to haggle. So what is to haggle mean? Whenever I go to the market with my mom, she loves spending time haggling. She likes to get the best prices, so to haggle is when the shopkeeper and the customer negotiate on a price of an item. So both sides try to get a price that they're satisfied with. So this is haggling. Do you like haggling? I don't like haggling. It's, it's I find it a little bit annoying. I prefer one price and one price for everyone. I don't like to spend a lot of time haggling. How about you? Bargain hunting, I love bargain hunting, especially in the sales season. My friend and I always go bargain hunting. We both hate spending a lot of money on clothes, so we always try to find the best deals. So bargain hunting basically means trying to find an item that costs a lot less than the original price.

Let's go back to the shop assistant again. If they ask you something and you do want something you can say I'm looking for, I'm looking for. So I'm looking for and then you add whatever it is you're looking for. If you want to be more descriptive, add an adjective to help the shop assistant understand what you're looking for. So for example, if you're looking for a red shirt, you say, I'm looking for a red shirt. Another example, I'm looking for red shoes, or I'm looking for a black jacket, etc.

So that's all for today guys, thank you very much for watching. What I want you to do now is take this new vocabulary and write it down in your notebook. Try to practice putting them in sentences. You can do this in the comments below and I'll check it for you. If you thought this video was useful, please share it with your friends and remember to visit my Facebook group and my website for more. And I'll see you next week. And remember, be a fearless learner.