Speak English with one phrase - I would like

In this English lesson, I'm going to teach you the phrase 'I would like' to speak English. This phrase is used to express a wish or desire politely. We can use this phrase at the doctors, at the bank, at your child's school, at home, at the hair salon, etc. This lesson includes many new words you can use.

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Hi guys, it's Halima from Blackboard English and in today's lesson, we're going to learn a very useful phrase. This phrase is, I would like. This phrase is used to express a wish or desire in a polite way and since this is a speaking lesson, I won't be going through any grammar rules. The reason I do that is because what if you want to speak properly, if you want to communicate properly, sorry. and if you want to be able to speak in the way that you would like, the best way to do is try to avoid grammar rules and try to practice the language without thinking about the rules and what you can and can't do with the phrases. And in today's lesson, I will be showing you exactly how to use this phrase in different situations. Let's begin.

I'd like a cup of coffee, please. Remember that I would in the contracted form, is 'I'd'. Use 'I'd' when you're speaking and not when you're writing. Now you practice. I want you to imagine yourself in a cafe, I'm going to ask you a question, and I want you to answer. What would you like to order? Use the phrase I would like, then use this menu I found in a restaurant to help you. Stop the video and practice your speaking. I'd like to order the vegetarian pizza, please. I'd like the rice and chicken, please. Now, I want you to imagine yourself in a restaurant. I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to answer. Use this menu that I found at a restaurant. What would you like to order from the menu?

Now let's make an appointment to see the doctor. Hello, how may I help you? How would you answer this question? I would like to see the doctor as soon as possible please. For more on how to make an appointment, find a link to a lesson I made before in the description below. Now let's go to the hairdressers. How can I help you? I would like a haircut please. I'd like a cut and blow dry. Now your turn. Here's a menu that I found and I want you to practice. Pause the video and use the phrase I'd like or I would like to tell the hairdresser what you want. How about at the bank? If the teller asks you, how can I help you? What would you say? You could say I would like to make a withdrawal please. Withdrawal is when you take out money. What else can you do at the bank. You can open a bank account or a savings account. Or you can transfer money, pay a bill, exchange money and much more. Now use these new phrases to practice. Pause the video now and practice speaking.

How about when you want to go to your child's school and you want to speak to the teacher? You could say I would like to speak to Miss Lane please. If you don't know what the teacher's name is, you could say I would like to speak to my child's teacher, please. Now for the bonus, we can also use I'd like when you're speaking to your husband or your wife. For example, you can say, I would like to have a word with you. Or I'd like to take you out tonight.

Well, that's all for now guys. In today's lesson, we only used one phrase and you learned how to manipulate this phrase and use it in many different situations and ways. Now what I would like you to do is download my free speaking list, which you can download below this video. I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did, please press the like button and subscribe if you haven't subscribed already. If you liked my lessons, press here if you want more. And if you want to be my students for ever, press this button to subscribe to my channel. Remember, I have a lesson every Friday. So tune, in subscribe and turn on the notifications so that you can be prompted whenever I publish a new video. That's all guys and I'll see you next time and remember, be a fearless learner. Bye.