Summer English Course | Hotel Rooms | Part 3

In this English lesson, I'm going to teach you about booking a hotel in English. I'm going to teach you about hotel rooms. The lesson focuses on English vocabulary.

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Hello fearless learner. Welcome to the summer English course. I'm Halima from Blackboard English and today we're going to continue with booking a hotel. This is the third lesson. In this lesson, we're going to talk about the types of hotel rooms.

The first room we're going to discuss today is single room. I'd like a single room, please. So a single room is when you are booking a hotel room for one person. So this has nothing to do with the bed, it just means that you are booking for one person. That's it. I'd like a single room, please. The next one I'd like to talk about is I'd like a double room, please. Can you guess what it is? A double room will be for two people. So single room, one person, double room, two people, this means that you are booking a room for two people. I'd like a double room, please. So I'd like a double room, please, I'd like a double room. Or if you're talking to a friend and you want to describe the type of room you're staying, you can say I'm staying in a double room, I'm staying in a double room.

Now let's talk about if you you and your friend was staying in the room and you don't want to cuddle on a bed on a double bed. So instead, you would ask her for twin beds. So you'd ask for twin beds. So what does twin beds mean? twin beds is basically two bed suit two single beds that are identical to each other. So instead of a double bed, or a king size bed, you will get twin beds. Usually you can choose twin beds when you are with a friend, like I said, or you just don't want to share a bed with this other person. So you would ask for twin beds.

Okay, so let's move on to adjoining rooms, adjoining rooms is very simple. It just means two rooms separated by a door. I'm wondering if you've ever stayed in a hotel room and you've seen a door and you're like, Oh my God, why is their door inside this room. And but the door is usually locked because you don't have have access to this the second room next to you. But once you have adjoining rooms separated by a door, you will have access to both those rooms. Now this kind of arrangement is really great for families that are on holiday together. If the mom and dad would like the kids to stay in a separate room, this is what they would do. So the parents would stay in one room and the kids in another room, adjoining rooms. I'd like adjoining rooms please.

And last but not least, a suite, a suite, like a sweet that you eat. I'd like a suite, please. The spelling is kind of crazy here. So remember that the pronunciation is sweet, sweet. I'd like a suite please, not as sweet that you eat. But a suite, is a sweet is basically a massive room with a living room, a kitchenette, sometimes you'll have a kitchenette in there, you will have an office you'll have a big bedroom that's separate from everything. So it's quite luxurious, it's much more expensive than any other rooms. So, so this will be suitable for business owners that are travelling for business, so that they can have meetings inside the room. Or people that just want to go crazy with their money and they want to get the best for their holiday and or they're on their honeymoon. So they just got married and they want to have the best kind of room. A suite would be perfect.

I hope that that was clear the type of rooms that you can stay in. What I want you to do now is tell me in the comments, the type of room that you've stayed in before, have you stayed in a suite before? Have you stayed in a double room or a single room? Let me know in the comments. So that's all for this part of the lesson. I hope that you found it useful. If you have, please like this video, comment and share with your friends because it really helps. Thank you so much, and I'll see you in the next lesson. Bye for now.