You taught me about collocations. I never knew what they were before. I learnt how to make use of new vocabulary. I want to say that you know how to simplify your lessons by using pictures and examples from real life. 

— Hala (Tunisian English student)


'I really love her lessons!”

“Teacher Halima is one of the best teachers I have met on line so far. Her approach and her attitude for english makes the difference! I really love her lessons!”

Gianni, from Italy

 You love your work so much and it's clear when you teach.

I really like your method of teaching. Its doesn't confuse me. You love your work so much and it's clear when you teach. You're patient and kind and try to do your best. In addition, I like how you allow students to participate. You listen to my opinion about topics and listen to my view. 

— Amani from Saudi Arabia


"I can give her 10 stars."

I enjoy the lessons . The teacher is friendly and strict at the same time. it is important for me to improve my discipline because i lack discipline. Even though we came from different countries and i am not good in speaking english but the teacher can understand and she was helpful to correct my pronunciation and also encourage me to speak in english .. i can give her 10 stars .. overall the learning process is awesome .. i got knowledge and confidence

Aliyah, from Malaysia


"Her style of teaching is very intuitive and easy for students

I fell in love with Halima from our first trial lesson, and since that, I always wait for the lessons gladly. Her style of teaching is very intuitive and easy for students.
I started studying English with Halima without confidence about my speaking, so I didn’t feel free in conversations in English. 
But after only ten lessons I went to Israel and started to speak English there like I never had any problems with it. I felt so free and omnipotent!  
And it’s all thanks to my teacher Halima. 

She does her best to make our lessons interesting for me, asking about my interests and hobby. During the lesson I don’t feel myself sitting at school, I feel like I met my friend and we just have a pleasant time. 

I am thankful for the meeting with Halima, and I recommend her to my husband, in spite of his fluent English. It’s never too late to make your English better =)

- Tsagan, From Russia