11 ways to improve your listening skills

1. A teacher : YouTube/ IG

There are plenty of teachers who give language learning tips or explain grammar or teach pronunciation. Listening to them, not only do you learn a particular chunk of material but also you practise your listening skills. 2. TV commercials : there are plenty of these on YouTube. They are short, and speakers usually speak slowly. I do recommend British commercials. 3. The radio : that source would be for more advanced learners as rarely does it happen that you can find the transcript provided. 4. TED talks : that source is actually self explanatory - you've got enriching content and transcript. 5. Podcasts : try The Fearless English Podcast or Christian Sanders - Canguro English or any other to your liking. 6. TV shows : nothing new under the sun, though I would recommend watching shows from the 80's or 90's as actors at that time spoke slower. Sitcoms are great even for intermediate students : Friends, Full house, Big Bang Theory. 7. Dictionaries : yes, you hear me right, dictionaries. They sometimes provide the recording to the exemplary sentences given. 8. Youglish : ah, I just love that source. There you can listen to a youglished (searched) word in context. Additionally ! You can choose a particular accent ! 9. Songs : Slower-paced songs are better as you can actually hear the lyrics. However, for it to be a listening exercise, google the lyrics and follow them, so that you know what the song is actually about :) 10. Stand-Ups : I do recommend Trevor Noah as he presents many stand-ups imitating various English accents ❤ 11. Youtubers : although I am not a make-up fan, I recommend Zoella, a British beauty youtuber. She has soft voice, great for practising intonation, if you're into British pronunciation.